insurgentI’ve been struggling with writing this review as I am not too sure what to say about it. How do you write a book review on a book that is a continuation of a book you’ve already written a review about? Essentially, it is the same book with a different title. Is anyone keeping a running count on how many times I type ‘book’?

I enjoyed where the author proceeded to take the story. And, like the first installment, this one really made me use my imagination. I like the creativity used in making the characters fight against themselves so to speak. ┬áIf it were me what would I face in the other corner of my mind? Whenever placed under a serum or simulation they are placed into an arena with themselves. How do you beat yourself? Out wit yourself? How can you be stronger than you? And to me that’s the most fascinating parts of these books. At times, just like the real world, you are your worst enemy.

Insurgent concluded with a bit of a cliff hanger. We get our answer as to why these people have been stuck within the limits of their own little city. We find out what is on the outside. But we are left with a lot of unanswered questions. I really hope the 3rd book delves into the past. What or who brought them there? How did it happen? What exact reasoning was behind it?

4 out of 5 stars for this one.