Godly Resolutions


 I’m not usually a new year’s resolutions type person. I do, however, think it’s good to set goals for yourself. Especially, if they are goals to establish a better and deeper relationship with God. And what better time to set these kind of goals like the present? Well, seeing as how it’s the end of the year and 2016 is a couple short weeks away, sure, we will just call them my new year’s resolutions.

I’ve been impressed recently to deepen my relationship with the LORD. I know there are many ways to do this. But there are a couple things specifically I’ve felt I need to do. I figured it’d be a good opportunity to compile those things into an organized list and put them in this post. Then, throughout the next couple months, or as I feel impressed, write about each specific thing in a separate blog post.

(This list isn’t specific and limited to one year. I know realistically no one can perfect their walk with God in one short year. But rather, it is a life-long journey. I simply hope and pray that this coming year I can begin to change and form some habits that will cause me to grow more in Him. And while as far as deepening your relationship with God goes, there should be a very long list of things I need to do within myself to achieve that. However, I will start with a few things and as the years go on my list will grow. The more I delight myself in the things of God, the more my desires will begin to line up with what He wants for me and my list will grow.)


1. Walk, daily, in continuous prayer with the LORD

I’ve heard women talk in random blog posts about being in continuous prayer with God as they go throughout there day. Doing chores, taking care of the kids, etc… And it just seems so ideal to me to always have that channel of communication open with Him as I go throughout my day. I know it’ll take time to get to this point where I feel my heart is always set on God, but it’s something I really want in my life. There is so much I want to say on this. So, I’ll leave it for a separate post in the future.

2. Communicate more with Him

I realize that this is basically the same thing as prayer, but, for me personally, it means something a bit more than just praying. I used to always feel like I was praying to a brick wall. Which I know is silly. I know He hears my prayers. I just want to open myself up to receive more from Him. And a major way this has happened for me recently (and I want more of) is reaching into His Word for my answers to prayer. This will also have a post of it’s own because its been a great blessing to me recently. But I’ve had a handful of situations recently where I’ll be praying or thinking about God and a scripture will come to my heart-just like it was a perfect answer to what I was thinking or praying. I want more of this!!

3. Learn more of the Word of God

In order to have #2 I have to know more of the Bible. I know God can touch anyone’s mind and lay a scripture on their heart from out of no where. He’s done it for me!! But I have to be open to Him doing that. I can’t expect to receive something from Him if I’m not utilizing one of the MAJOR channels He speaks to us through, the Bible. I also can’t expect God to do all the work and randomly lay scriptures on my mind. I have to take those steps and search out the scriptures for myself.

4. Keep a thankful journal

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” I Thessalonians 5:18. I am beyond blessed. It’s the least I can do to take the time and write out all He’s done for me. To thank Him and praise Him for it all. I hope to do this daily(or as often as I can)-write down 3-5 things I’m thankful for.

5. Keep a prayer journal

This is similar and different to #1. I want to do this for the fact of keeping record of the experiences I go through. The trials I have and how God brought me through those. Prayers I pray and how God answered those prayers. Anything I can do to keep Him on the forefront of my heart and mind. And keep communication open with Him.

What are some of your “resolutions?”


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