Crazy Planner Type Lady

I’ve been feeling lately like I need to get more organized. Have a plan for the day, the week, the things I do. Early to rise, stick to a cleaning schedule, stick to a schedule for my kids, stick to a time where I spend time alone with God. Now I’m not talking being strict. I’m a flexible person. But I just mean having a better routine and schedule than having none at all.

You know those people who have a planner for everything they do? It’s full of different colored ink for different things, highlighted areas, little post-it notes are hanging out of it, you see scribbles here and there of things that need to get done or reminders. And things aren’t even in full sentences. Heck, they may not even be written horizontally like normal people write things, it’s just wherever they have room to fit it in. And they are just one word sentences like “Laundry” – “Dog” – “Ground Beef” – “Babysitter – “Doctors“. Those types of planners are kind of a beautiful, hot mess.


I find those kinds of planners funny but at the same time interesting. Notice I say planners and not “those kinds of people with planners.But I guess we are talking about the people who have those kinds of planners. I always used to think to myself how unorganized these people are that they have to write their whole life in these unorganized looking books. I think of those moms who are just constantly doing and going. They always have an appointment and always working on a project. But now that I have kids I have found that it is so opposite. People who write everything down in this crazy book of a million colors and scribbles aren’t disorganized and crazy. They’ve had it right all along! Foolish me!

I’ve found that as long as I don’t have a plan then my whole day is just going to be me doing what I feel like doing. Which is generally just moseying around the house doing this and that. I’ll straighten things up, keep the kids alive, I’ll set out to clean the bathrooms but then I don’t get around to doing it. So basically my days are just filled with a bunch of nothingness. I’m busy, but at the same time by the end of the day I’ve hardly accomplished anything. WHY?!

I think it’s because I don’t have any organization to my day. I don’t have a plan. No routine. One day I sleep till 10:00 (which I hate) and the next I’m up at 8:00 with my oldest child. Some days we eat lunch at 11:00 other days it could be as late as 1:00. Mondays and Thursdays used to be laundry days but now I’m lucky to do laundry once in the week and even that takes me a couple days to get it washed, folded, and put away. Which by the time that’s taken care of there is a new pile that needs to be washed. What is this doing? It’s making me constantly feel stressed about my chores. Or stressed about my 9 month old not being to bed at the same time every night.

There’s something to be said about those crazy ladies with the colorful wonder books. They have a plan. They have a routine. It may look crazy. But they know what they gotta do when they gotta do it. And they probably get most of it done. Because it’s in writing. It’s scheduled. They’re held accountable to that schedule.

With that being said I was given a book to read by a friend and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s all about getting organized and loving your days as a stay-at-home-mom. This friend that let me borrow this book didn’t even know I’ve been struggling with this and working to fix it. And one day she just shows up with it for me to read. I think God is definitely working with me on this.

I’m still working on reading it and also working on a book review for it. And I’m feeling very excited about it! I also have on my shopping list to Target to buy myself a planner. YES! I’m going to be one of those crazy, colorful ink pen, post-it note, planner lady moms!