Welcome to Webb of Life!

Why the name?

How would you describe your life as a whole? If you had to choose one object to represent your life what would it be?

For us it was a spider web! Why you may ask? Well the first reason was a no-brainer. Our last name is Webb! Naturally using a spider web to represent our lives just made sense and was a nice play on words.  Secondly, have you ever looked at a spider web closely? The intricate detail that is displayed upon its completion is amazing. It wasn’t just thrown together over night, but it took time, dedication, and effort to weave all those strands together!

Our life is much the same, and is made up of so many different “strands” such as our family, friends, job, hobbies, interests, milestones, challenges, successes, failures etc… you name it they all come together to form our own personal web.

Remember the things we do in life take time, dedication, and effort if you want it to be worth something!

Who are you?

We are Elizabeth and Ethan, two regular folks from the Midwest weaving our web of life each and every day.  Elizabeth is a stay-at-home mom of one (so far) and Ethan is a Computer Programmer.

We wanted a place we could share all the goings-on in our life and here it is! The area we intend to mainly focus on are our DIY projects that we do around our home, but in addition you may also find reviews on books or products that we have used that might be of benefit, or even how-to’s of a wide variety.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have on anything we post or suggestions on topics you might like to see. Thanks for reading!