DIY Christmas Cards

Christmas, to me, really is the most wonderful time of year. Time with family and friends, the décor, the snow, the music, the holly jollies, the FOOD, the list goes on.

I’ll be the first to admit that some of what I love about Christmas, and maybe one of the more fun aspects of Christmas, is the exchanging of gifts. I love thoughtfully planning out the gifts to buy for family and friends. And yes, I love receiving them too. The anticipation, the surprise, aaah… “It’s just what I wanted!” Good times.

But Christmas isn’t and shouldn’t be just about receiving as it always sometimes becomes.


 (my daughter’s first Christmas. She was 8 months old.)

Christmas shouldn’t be a host of carnality, but a time of reflection of what Jesus did for us. He sacrificed His life in glory, humbled Himself, and came to this earth to die for us. Christ’s life was a perfect example of sacrifice, and GIVING. And so should we give too. So I came up with some thoughtful DIY Christmas cards to give to loved ones for this season.

I am no professional. I don’t do this often, but is something I recently found I enjoy doing. So, my work is not perfect. Hopefully, someday, it will be. Some of these ideas are my own, but a couple were inspired by a Pinterest search. I had a lot of fun making these. It didn’t take hardly any time. (Maybe they would look better if I took more time;) But I wanted to share… Thanks! And Merry Christmas!!!

(For these cards I used watercolor, pens, markers, and colored pencils)